"Standing Still | Still Standing" is a short documentary that captures the real-time transformations of three people for whom Matthew Sanford, a paraplegic yoga instructor with an unconventional method is a last hope. Yoga has been practiced, studied, and espoused as transformative for several thousand years. But yoga practiced this way—by the injured, infirm, emotionally lost—and taught by a man who can only use half of his body, is radical.

**As reviewed by the Napa Valley Register.

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The Thing That Happened - Trailer

Featuring a score by Adam Horovitz of the Beastie Boys, The Thing That Happened played at film festivals worldwide, winning the Grand Jury Prize at the United Nations Association Film Festival. The tiny campus of the Hope North Vocational and Secondary school is south of the Nile River, near the remote trading center of Bweyale in Northern Uganda. With no phone, Internet or reliable transportation, the school is an island in a vast sea of African bush. The students here are a mix of former child soldiers, orphans and abjectly poor kids, displaced by the 22-year old civil war in Uganda between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UDPF). The teachers are mostly rookie educators fresh out of Ugandan universities - some of whom look not much older than the kids. Their teaching tools amount to little more than their own wits and a scattering of out-dated textbooks. With seldom enough money to pay the staff, house the kids and buy school supplies, operating the school is a juggle of compromises. But deficiencies or not, the school is the only chance these kids have to escape their tragic histories. Embedded within this story of tenuous survival at a small school in the African bush is a larger exploration of a powerful concept... the concept of hope. Watch the full film here.

Arctic Son - Teaser

In the tiny town of Old Crow, 80 miles north of the Arctic Circle, a father and his son are reunited after almost 25 years apart. They share a name and a bloodline, but the worlds they know and the lifestyles they lead are as different as their respective hometown climates. Stanley Sr. is a hunter, a man of the land steeped in native traditions. Stanley Jr., who has been raised by his mother in Washington State, immerses himself in hip-hop music and video games, and is drifting deeper into drugs and alcohol. After a lifetime apart, the two meet again in the raw, quiet beauty of the Canadian Yukon. The New York Times hailed the film as having, "...a tension that never really fades." The film premiered at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, played at festivals worldwide, is housed in the permanent collection of the National Geographic archives and was acquired for broadcast by PBS' POV program.

USS New York - Rising From the Ashes

Built with almost 8 tons of World Trade Center steel forged in her bow stem, the USS New York is deploying to the Middle East for the first time since her commissioning. State-of-the-art in warfare technology and stealth design, LPD 21 represents the future of the fight. 

Personal 9/11 accounts from her crew set the stage for a deeper understanding of how that day continues to resonate and how this ship sends a powerful message of resolve. From her young greenhorns to her seasoned Master Chief who was raised in a housing project in the Bronx, this short portrait of the New York reminds us of the commitment and pride each feels for this latest in a long line of warships named for the city of New York.

Discovery Next World  - Future Ships excerpt

Discovery's NextWorld series reveals the technology, the science, the radical ideas and inventions that will shape the world of tomorrow. The future will give rise to cities beneath oceans, bionic suits, space tourism, cyborgs, personal jet packs, and drugs that extend lifespan to 150 years and beyond. In this Future Ships episode, come aboard invisible aircraft carriers, mega yachts, personal submarines and craft capable of changing appearance on the high seas.