Here's the thing... I'm just really curious about people and their stories.

My career in filmmaking began after an intriguing encounter with a boxer turned cab driver (who had a great story) prompted me to make a short film. I was in Detroit. It was the middle of winter. The guy picks me up at the airport and we start talking. He tells me that he is helping a kid in his neighborhood stay on the right path by teaching him to box. Curious, I go back the following week with a 16mm camera and make a Nike spec spot. This was the beginning of my director's reel and a humanistic and visual approach to story telling. Wanting more hands-on production experience, I got a job as an agency producer at Campbell Ewald in Detroit working on Chevy Truck commercials. I worked with huge directors and giant budgets. I learned a ton. Creatives liked me because I "got it." Clients and account people liked me because I could communicate and manage people. I got recognized, promoted and went on to work at Fallon.  There, I was lucky enough to work on Miller Lite's famous "Dick Campaign" with "The Swedes" -  Linus Karlson and Paul Malmstrom. Bill Westbrook was the ECD. It was an amazing experience. Linus and Paul went on to form Mother and I started directing in earnest. My path took me back to the "real people" roots of that short film with the cab driver. I quickly realized that I had a talent for getting people to open up and tell their stories. I eventually got signed by big New York company and the rest is history. These days, I shoot, direct and edit and am thankful I met Jimmy and find it imminently helpful that I spent some time on the agency side. And if I'm known for one thing it's that "real" signature both in the scripted and non–scripted realms... finding some essence of a story and capturing both actors and non-actors alike with engaging honesty. 

My award-winning documentary feature, “Arctic Son” premiered at the Full Frame Documentary Festival, and was acquired for broadcast by PBS’ POV series. His documentary short, “The Thing That Happened” screened in film festivals worldwide, garnering the Grand Jury Prize at the United Nations Association Film Festival. His most recent documentary film, "Standing Still | Still Standing" premiers in November 2017 at the Napa Valley Film Festival. In addition to my own documentary projects, I have directed and shot commercials, content, short films and television programming for the world's top ad agencies and brands including AT&T, Carhartt, Canon, the Discovery Channel, HSBC, Petsmart, Kohl’s, Nestle, Nordstrom, Purina and the US Navy to name a few.

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